Instant voodoo love charms 

Vodon, Vodoun, Voudou, Voodoo, are catch all names for the native religions of West Africa. Voodoo is a nature/earth religion, based on a divine creator, usually known as Mawu. Like many earth based religions, Voodoo recognizes a dual cosomology. For the moon is represented as a female spirit(Mawu), and for the sun represent as Lisa, the male aspect of the spirits. The theology of voodoo was introduced by Africans who were early enslaved. 
Africans believed that the creator was essentially unreachable by humans, so they worshiped lesser spirits they called spirits of loa. Vodou or African believers would hold all-night rituals to petition their spirit loa, asking for favors and power. 
Since then, voodoo has carried a great tool of power to mend friendship, reunite people back, solve relationship problems, charms to restore love, control a partner, attract a soulmate and many more.
If one followed all the proper forms or rituals and chant the right hymns, and gave the proper offerings, the priest or priestess would declare the ritual a success.
And for Charms have been worn for thousands of years, not just for their decorative appeal, but often to symbolise good luck, love and spiritual forces. The earliest charm bracelets were worn by the rich or masters of ancient Egypt. 
They believed that they would pass with them into the afterlife. The great Knights of the Middle Ages wore charms on their belts to identify their status and ancestry. The talismans would frequently be carried into battle to ward off evil and bring good fortune to their owners, or harm to their enemies.
Charms that where wore by people were shell, teeth or other natural element which kept bad spirits away.  These charms were made by talisman out of rocks, wood and gems and were worn as bracelets or necklaces as protective shields to ward off evil. 
During this time they were forms of identification and due to the shorter lifespan and the beliefs of the day, charms also served to identify people to the gods.

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